EN vision on Fairtrade

Vision document of Tilingo-Nepra

Brief history of Tilingo-Nepra                                                                                                                          

Tilingo-Nepra was a licensed importer by the Dutch Association for World Shops in the Netherlands since 1999. The pioneers of the company have their roots in the peace movement of the eighties and close involvement in setting up the Worldshop in Zevenaar, their hometown.

The Fair Trade market is for the company, the  road to equality and self-esteem. Realizing interconnecting living wage, education, health care and  an inspiring living environment have become the principles of our actions.

Our first trip was to a contact in Ghana that arose during the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the  Worldshop in Zevenaar. The introduction to a continent and a country that makes its way to independence. Since 1957, under the leadership of Nkruma a proud nation that has developed along several presidents as one of the most accessible countries in West Africa. Trade with support for street children. The application for recognition as an Fair trade importer is to the Daws

A second step presents itself at the moment that we have contact with an importer from Nepal. The first trip to Nepal is made with the millennium. The greeting Namaste, many temples, the many, many people and traffic, the wildness of nature, the beauty of the sun in the Himalayas and the politically unstable situation showed us  a country of variation. Subcutaneous and silently plays the tradition of the casts in his all importanty. It is trading with support to people with leprosy, support health care, educational opportunities for all children / young people and employment for women are affected by HIV.

We have made contact in 2004 with an umbrella organization of many small producers in the Philippines. In this way it provides poor people to book the extra money applied advances in terms of living conditions, health and education. Trade and poverty reduction go hand in hand.

New developments through exchanges and markets bring new contacts.  Kenya Kisi stone and  glass products from Chile. Always from the same vision and the same goals.

Vision and goal                                                                                                                                            

We want by trading of our products and the trips we offer to our cliënts, to connect people and cultures. In this way we hope to increase the knowledge and the experience with each other to work together for a livable society with equality, equal opportunities and constructive cooperation when it comes to education, health and environment.


Tilingo-Nepra is part of Centre Mondiaal in Culemborg. From this location we sell our recognized Fair Trade products. Ceramics and wood from Ghana. Bowls, felt / wool and tea from Nepal.  Stone products from Kenya and glassware from Chile. Four times a year we take part in Crafts Fairs. By this way we don’t sell only wool and felt, but also the end products of wool and felt in the market.

We are present on incidental activities such as the Africa Festival Hertme and Christmas fairs to bring our Fair Trade products to the attention and sell.  We arrange  trips to Nepal for people who are curious about the people behind the products, their story, and who would like to experience and to be inspired by their lifestyle, their diet, their way of living, their music, their culture, their religion and traditions .

The last years we go to Nepal with a designer, to bring the demand  from the west, and  the associated technology for about designing as their materials and skills new products.


In this way we continue. Always looking for new developments that are offered by the Dutch Association for World Shops in collaboration with Retail Service Unit and we we will keep us informed of trends, colors and designs.

We regularly attend  trade shows or to let us inform and inspire or to sell. Our annual visit to the New Year’s meeting of MVO Netherlands is an integral part of our agenda. We are actively networking among  like-wing  orientation when it comes to Fair Trade, Eco, durable so as to inspire ourselves and our network.


We have positive expectations Center Mondiaal  a good place to  bring Fair Trade products to the attention of the World Shops, the WAAR shops and all non – world shops which have already found their way to Centre Mondiaal.